We’ve achieved 300% growth in the cybersecurity field. We’ve partnered with the most impactful organisations - whether it is the largest cybersecurity company or the fastest growing unicorn. We're building an amazing place to work and we invite you to join us.

Engineering Centric Culture

At Metron, we strive to maintain and cultivate a developer-centric culture. Here’s what this means in action: 

Meaningful and ever-evolving work

We’ve built integrations and custom solutions for 200+ security platforms and keep adding more to the list. You will be constantly learning about new platforms, acquiring new skills, and being exposed to cutting-edge security technology and other tools.

Work directly with clients and end-users

We encourage our developers to have a client-facing approach. At Metron, you will be able to demonstrate and discuss your code with the people who will be using it on a regular basis.

A balanced workspace 

Everyone has a personal life outside of the office. We do not expect you to work weekends or overtime (and actively encourage you not to do so). We also aim to provide you with all the required perks and benefits to keep you in good health and spirits.

A level hierarchy

There are only 2 roles in the organisation - Development and QA. Every employee will either be writing code or testing for quality. We don’t believe in helicopter managers who hover above you and do not understand your work.

Hybrid work mode 

Like to work at the office? We can accommodate you. Prefer to work from home? No problem! Need a combination of both? Whatever model works for you, works for us.

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