Developer and Technology Roles

Principal Engineer

Pune, Maharashtra
Work Type: Full Time

As a Principal Engineer, you will be responsible for:

1. Be the face of Metron Security for multiple customers:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the customer's platform and the platform they want to integrate with.
  • Understand customer requirements around the integration.
  • Design the best approach with easy-to-use UX for the integration after discussing with the Solution Architect/Director of Engineering.
  • Communicate the timelines and deliverables with customers in regular calls (Typically we do weekly calls).
  • Jump on technical support calls and try to solve the issues on-call (with help of Team leads/developers/QA).
  • The ultimate goal for you is to build deep expertise around security platforms to deliver high-quality custom automation solutions. This will happen over the first 3 months, but in the end, you should be able to converse with any Product Manager on the client side like a peer. This means understanding their problem and suggesting solutions based on your experience and study.

2. Play as a bridge between the Customer and Development team:

  • Make sure the team is not blocked if they have any queries for the customer. For situations where the customer is unsure, you need to make the most logical decision and move ahead.
  • Ensure that the team is trained to handle the customer calls.
  • Teach, mentor, grow and provide advice to junior developers and recruits in the team.
  • Solves technical problems of the highest scope or complexity for clients.
  • Make sure the team works on the items, which are important for the customer.

3. Ensuring our company culture remains on target:

  • Customer Delight - All of our customers are delighted with our work. Just being “satisfied” is not enough. All of our customers come back to us for repeated work - this is possible only through excellent on-time and quality delivery. We take pride in being respected as peers in the industry (unlike many other firms where the Indian development center is subservient to clients).
  • On-time delivery with excellent quality. Every single time.
  • Platform agnostic - We take pride in building on whatever language (Python, C#, Java, JavaScript) and platform that the customer wants.
  • Reward-based- Anyone showing initiative and delivery will be rewarded with rapid promotions. We do not have a culture of “You get this designation if you have X years of experience”.
  • Sane working hours - No work on weekends, only sporadic evening calls.

4. Being hands-on. You should be able to solve deep technical problems for the team when the team leads cannot.

5. Be updated with the pulse of the customer and raise it with management:

  • Deliveries are going to missed by significant margin.
  • Customer changed the requirements significantly.

6. Lead to build and maintain a documented knowledge base about the different Cyber Security Platforms (with help of the development team members).

Metron Security has built integrations/connectors/parsers for over 100+ security platforms and we are on track to cover over 200+ platforms by the end of this year.  To succeed in this role, we believe you need the following:

  1. A positive go-getter attitude to take on any new platform and get into the weeds
  2. Being programming language agnostic
  3. A hacker, and a problem solver
  4. Good Time and Task Management
  5. Quick Learning Ability
  6. A Good Team Player

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