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SOC Analyst

Pune, Maharashtra
Work Type: Full Time

Metron is looking for a Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst. Metron works in the Cyber Security space, and we are building a Security Operations Center (SOC) leveraging open-source and best-of-breeds products. Metron serves clients worldwide and employees located in several regions. We are building a SOC to address our growing demand.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Implementation of the SOC using open-source security tools including EDRs, SIEMs, etc.
  • Make sure all the tools used within Metron are monitored by SOC. Wherever needed, integrate the tools with SOC.
  • Monitor all the activities from the Metron laptops and the Cloud tools used within Metron.
  • Raise an alarm and take action when there is a sign of security breach. Identify, Assess, and Mitigate in real-time.
  • Identify the gaps in the Metron infrastructure and processes.
  • Suggest and enforce security best practices.
  • Conduct security audits.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest security threats.
  • Conduct internal security awareness training sessions for all employees.


  • Minimum 2 years' experience of working as a SOC Analyst.
  • Exposure to AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Exposure to Linux Operating System.
  • Experience working with large organizations that deals with a lot of tools for software development.
  • You do not tolerate leniency when it comes to Security of the infrastructure.

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